Research Papers / Talks

Here are a few of the papers and presentations I’ve worked on over the years that can be shared.

Analysis of Aladdin Knowledge Systems’ HASP HL and SafeNet’s Sentinel Hardware Keys, RIT, 5/2006

Security Challenges in the Face of Convergence, PBS Tech Con, 2007

 Radio – Fundamentals
Captioning, NPR, 2008

Intel Core i7 Nehalem, UIUC CS433, 4/2012

Distributed Moisture Sensor Network, UIUC CS425, 7/2012

Leaks in Web Browser Privacy Modes, UIUC CS461, 11/2012

Qubes OS Architecture, UIUC CS523, 9/2013

Smart Thermostat Security: Turning up the Heat, UIUC CS523, 12/2013

Holiday Hack Challenge 2018 PenTest Report, 1/2019

DEF CON 27 LPV Talk: Master Key Attacks, 8/2019

SANS Cloud Summit Keynote, 5/2020